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Nominally Zombie

Games that could just as easily be another genre, but use "zombies" in a nominal way.

A turn based fighting game with team control. Developed and published by Armor Games.

Sonny 2
Sequel to Armor Games' Sonny, with over 20 million plays.

Zombie Pinball
3-level pinball game with a dungeon and graveyard theme. The pinball strikes down zombies and ghosts as it moves around the screen.

Zombies, Inc.
A resource allocation game where as CEO of a biotech company with world conquest of 13 territories as a mission statement. Developed by Aethos Games and published on

Zombie Launcher
Cutsie physics game that shoots cartoonish zombies from a cannon.

Zombie Survival Quiz
Answer a series of multiple-choice questions to find out if you would be able to survive the coming Zombie Apocalypse. Rated 13+

Robots vs. Zombies
Uses the mouse to aim and shoot missiles at zombies. Similar concept to angry birds, with level unlocks.

Zombie Bowl-A-Rama
Downloadable game with free 1-hour trial version. First person bowling game with cute graphics.

A iPad board game with a zombie / graveyard theme. By Ivan Argat.

Medieval Zombies
Flash top-down shooter with a strange theme. A time traveler is in Camelot and must revive princesses while being attacked by zombies from all angles.

Walking Dead Fan Trivia
Answer 10 questions about each episode to earn points and badges. Guest mode available.

Seattle. Zombie Culture Convention and Survivor Expo.
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Home -> Categories -> URL List
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