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Multiplayer / MMO

Games that allow multiple players to interact online. Some MMO's have single player modes as well.

The Day Z
A mod for the combat simulator ARMA2: Combined Ops, Day Z has over 1,000,000 players struggling to survive in a Russian post-apocalyptic landscape. Standalone version is in development.
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Dead Frontier
Multiplayer 2D city with extensive community and resource trading. Membership required.
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Last Stand - Dead Zone
A complex PvP game allowing players to build and attack survivor compounds. 2D.
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Zombie Pandemic
A free to play, 2D browser MMORPG with top-down view. Players are trapped in a quarantined city filled with walking dead. Fight to survive by scavenging stores, battling zombies and cooperating with fellow players to escape. Facebook fan page and app avai
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AMC The Walking Dead Social Game
A Facebook-only game, with a separate Facebook fan page. Friends can join together to defend their camp against walkers. Missions available.
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Infestation: Survivor Stories
Both a MMORPG and a FPS. Developed by startup Hammerpoint Interactive, the game has a one time download fee. In the game world, there are two types of currency - Dollars and Gold Coins. Formerly the War Z, the game changed its name after a movie of a simi
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