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Games where using a vehicle to mow down zombies is the primary action.

Earn to Die
Players drive through hordes of zombies and unlock new vehicles, including a race-car, a truck and school bus. Combines action, driving and upgrade genres. Developed by Toffee Games.
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Zombogrinder 2
Perspective is from the top of the car, looking down on the street. Mow down zombies. Repeat.

Zombie Ramming
Top-down Driver with arena maps. Upgrades.

54 Dead Miles
One dimensional drive across a zombie landscape, mowing down zombies with various upgraded vehicles.

Killing Road
Flash. Running zombies attack a motorcycle trying to escape. The player can shoot back with a variety of upgraded weapons.

Zombie Disposal
What to do with all the zombie corpses lying around? Drive them to disposal, of course. A 1D driving game where the player uses a truck to transport zombies to the burn pit before they come back to life.

Earn to Die 2012
Follow-up to the original by Toffee Games. Run over zombies and earn vehicle upgrades.

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