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Game Companies

Companies or developers that produce zombie games as part of their lineup, or support game developers that may be involved with zombie games.

Ninja Kiwi
New Zealand company that publishes the SAS series of games. Offers some in game currency, plus social integration and forums. Some games offered on App Store.
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Creator of the Left 4 Dead games. Associated technologies include the Steam social entertainment platform and Source game engine. Located in Bellevue and founded in 1996.
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Japanese creator of the Dead Rising and Resident Evil series of games.
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Bohemia Interactive
Creator of the ARMA II platform, which is the basis for the Day Z mod.
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Crazy Monkey Games
Offers games for websites via .swf downloads. Zombie content includes Toxie Radd 3D
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PopCap Games
Owned by Entertainment Arts, PopCap created the iconic Plants vs. Zombies game.
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IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc.
An independent studio located in Vancouver specializing in the design, development and deployment of premium games for smartphones. Creator of the ZA Zombie Attack apps.
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Big Fish Games
Offers a new game everyday. Zombie offerings include Zombie Bowl-A-Rama, Zombie Shooter. Games and customer service in 10 languages, including the major European languages and Japanese. Affiliate program for publishers available.
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Part Time Evil
Indie game developer. First game released was Zig Zag Zombie, for multiple platforms.
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QiGames Studio
Develops free web games, ad supported for inclusion on other sites, plus operates their own website as a directory.

Flash Game License. A multi-domain flash game broker, bringing together developers and game sponsors. Also responsible for
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Players can earn GamerPoints by playing participating games,using one single account name and password. Also offers GamersGold for in-game currency. Works with both developers and portals.
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Indie game developer in San Francisco, building games for Flash, PC, Mac, and Mobile devices, focusing on minimalistic design. Creator of Zombocalypse
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Armor Games
Publishes an extensive variety of flash and iPhone games from multiple developers, including MMO and Forum games.
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UK. Aggregates multiple categories with an emphasis on Mario Games.

Con Artist Games
Developer of flash zombie games such as The Last Stand series. Works with
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Spil Games
Offers instant-play, free online games on a global network of targeted social-gaming platforms. Limited zombie content; concentrates on Girls, Teens and Family channels (for example, Sara's Cooking Class). Distributes some games through their site agame.c
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Not Doppler
A Flash and mobile games publisher based in Sydney, Australia. Earn To Die was their first mobile/tablet game.
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Copenhagen-based creator of Zombie Pandemic, a browser based MMORPG.
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Fly Anvil
An indie flash game developer. Creator of Insectonator and Decision, released in 2012
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Long Animals
Oxford, UK. Developer of free flash games. Involved with Turbo Nuke and Kongregate. Proprietary Snake Engine allows for rapid game development. Creator of Flaming Zombooka.
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Panda Zone
Has a series of zombie games in their line up. Some free games offered via .swf download

Telltale Games
Produces multi-platform games based largely on entertainment franchises like Back to the Future and The Walking Dead. the Pioneered the episodic delivery of digital gaming content.
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Undead Labs, Inc.
The creator of State of Decay and a Microsoft business partner. Founded by Jeff Strain, the lead programmer in World of Warcraft.
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