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Action / Combat

Most zombie games are really shooters with zombies as the target

SAS Zombie Assault
Flash. Top down shooter. Player defends a building against waves of zombies. Rebuilds barriers to prevent entry.

SAS Zombie Assault 2
Flash. Second in the Ninja Kiwi series

SAS Zombie Assault 3
Flash. Features 4 maps, with single and multiplayer modes, with up to 4 players. Rank and weapons upgrades.

The Last Stand
Flash. Simple barrier defense flash game where zombies come in waves. Between waves, the player can repair the barrier and search for survivors or weapons.

The Last Stand 2
Defend against waves of zombies from behind a barrier.

Zombie Train
Top down shooter. A moving train has hordes of zombies trying to break the glass and get in. Repair the barriers and upgrade weapons to repel them.

Obama vs Zombies
Obama is alone in a barricade in front of the White House and must defend himself against zombies, or perhaps angry voters. The flash game is virtually identical to The Last Stand.

Hold the Line - Zombie Invasion
A crosshair allows the player to snipe at waves of zombies that move horizontally across the screen

Zombie Hole
Top down shooter across a map with obstacles. 3 quality settings.

Dead Zed
Static first person shooter aiming at zombies coming across a field at a farmhouse. Multiple waves with possible weapons upgrade between each wave.

SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum
An expansion game to SAS: Zombie Assault 2, continuing the top down shooter with additional weapons. Still associated with Mochi coins.

Left 4 Dead 2
Cooperative FPS that combines action and horror. The LFD2 game contains 13 official campaigns, 8 game modes and countless user created campaigns and mutations
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Z.I.D : Zombies In Dark
A 2D single player App Store app, with free version. Similar in look to Dead Frontier. Korean developer.
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Z.I.D 2 : Zombies In Dark 2
A 2D twin stick shooter. Optimized for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 (5th generation)
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Dead Rising
Versions 1 and 2. 3D TPS. Players go through timed "cases" to solve the secret behind the zombie outbreak.
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Resident Evil
A multipart, iconic game and movie series. Games for Xbox and PSP.
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Toxie Radd
Top down shooter. Created by Xplored, with music by Mastercastle. Primary character has a gun for a right arm. 3 levels of difficulty.

Toxie Radd 2
Top down shooter. Three levels of difficulty, from joke to apocalypse.

Toxie Radd 3D
First person shooter, with pixellated pre-game.

King of Zombie Hill
Top down shooter with the player in the middle, defending a ring holdout against zombies coming from all directions.

Monster Mowdown
50 levels of blowing apart large waves of zombies.

Zombie Last Night 2
Top down shooter with waves of zombies coming from all directions on an open arena. Upgrades.

Zombie Trailer Park
Players have to defend an endless horde of zombies pouring out from a city by building resources and sending various fighters, all with a yehaw theme. Combines strategy and a bit of tower defense genres. Leaderboards show the fastest times.

Last Line of Defense
Static first person shooter. Weapons upgrades available by killing zombies and earning cash. A variety of special infected keep the game interesting. Rated 13+ for blood, violence.

Zombie Baseball
From a side view, the player hits a baseball into approaching zombies to stop their advance.
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Zombie Baseball 2: Chain Combo Factor
Follow-on game to Zombie Baseball. More sophisticated, allowing the player to move around and use the mouse pointer to aim.

Zombie Fury 2
Developed by Spain's NO2, the game is free and ad supported. Zombies attack the player in the middle from two sides, and the player must time their katana swipes to keep from being overwhelmed.
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Dude and Zombies
Pixellated side view shooter with zombies coming in from both sides. Leaderboards via Armor Games.

Zombie Horde
Pixellated top-down shooter. Player defends their holdout as zombies come from all sides. Primarily mouse controlled.

Zombie Horde 2
Update to the top down shooter with more weapons and mobility.

Zombie Horde 3
3rd in the series of top down shooters, with a more complicated map and gameplay.

Zombie Shooter
Downloadable game with 1-hour free trial version. Isometric shooter with graphic images.

Zom Nom
Fast-paced top down avoidance game. The zombies try to bite the player's finger off. By Deadly Serious Media.

Top down shooter with 50 levels. Game center integration. Developed by Finnish company d-pointer.

Zom-B Nation
Free, student-built game out of the Sidney Stringer Academy. Game Center & Leaderboards.
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Top-down, WASD shooter. Waves of zombies attack the player from all angles. Challenge is to survive as long as possible. Developed by Active Games

Effing Zombies
Flash top down shooter in an arena of a small city streetscape. Weapons purchases. Leaderboard.

Flash. Zombies attack from the left and right in a horizontal shooter. Associated with Developed by John Funtanilla.
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Call of Duty Black Ops 2
COD BO2 contains a significant new zombie component. Tranzit mode offers an open world filled with zombies, Survival mode is for objective defense and Grief mode allows multiple teams to face off.
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Insectonator: Zombie Mode
Flash. Player smashes small zombies on the ground like insects. A kind of top-down shooter. Created by Fly Anvil.

Flash. Top-down shooter with unique follow-mouse control, or standard WASD option. Player must clear cities of zombies. Created by indie developer Fly Anvil.

Decision 2: New City
Sequel to Decision, with additional monsters to kill. Flash top-down shooter with a unique follow-mouse control. Created by Fly Anvil.

Flash. Developed by Jimp and Long Animals for Armor Games. Player is chased through the street by ever increasing hordes of zombies.

ZOMGies 2
Flash sequel with 15 levels, adding the ability to jump into cars and crush running zombies.

Zombie Adventure
Created by Xtreme Habits for Android, the player must scavenge for supplies in a post apocalypse landscape
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Daytraders of the Dead
Flash, fast-paced top down shooter. The theme is killing zombies for cash on an arena that looks like a trading floor. The dead zombies drop cash that needs to be collected. Developed by indie developers Conix Games.

Night of the Cursed
Developed by Hoah Gaming with sponsorship from ArcadeBomb, this top down shooter gives the player a NPC friend to fight with to defend a small building against endless hordes. Uses GamerSafe for in-game features.

Dead Frontier: Night One
Flash. A promo for the MMO Dead Frontier. Developed by Jagged Blade Software for ArcadeBomb. First of three.

Dead Frontier: Night Two
Flash. Second promo for the Dead Frontier MMO developed by Jagged Blade Software to promote the game. Can be downloaded as an .exe.

Dead Frontier: Night Three
Flash. Third of three promos for the Dead Frontier MMO developed by Jagged Blade Software. Can be downloaded as an .exe. Fast paced top-down shooter where the player must reach a helipad within a time limit to escape. Multiple difficulty levels.

Zombie Golf Riot
Flash, plus windows and Mac versions. Player uses golf clubs to whack zombies. Game can be embedded in websites.

The Walking Dead Episode 5
A five-part game series set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman's award-winning novels, prior to the Rick Grimes entrance.
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The Walking Dead Atlanta Run
A mini-game where the character Glen must scavenge for supplies. Facebook enabled, but guest access available.

Zombie Situation
Flash. Developed by (Elliot Pace). Player defends the left side of the screen from waves of zombies.

Zombie Horde
Flash. Developed by Evil Space Chicken for Armor Games and released in Dec. 2012. Slight twist on the traditional zombie game as the player controls a horde of up to 10 zombies defending their graveyard from human invaders.

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